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2H Resources frontrunner for SA hydrogen play

2H Resources applying for 6 PELs in South Australia

2H Resources has been identified as the preferred applicant for a combined 30,000 square kilometres of petroleum exploration licences in South Australia.

A subsidiary of Buru Energy, the company is an applicant for six South Australian petroleum exploration licences (PELs) for the purposes of hydrogen exploration.

Buru’s CEO Thomas Nador said that 2H is following a structured path to mature a highly prospective hydrogen play in South Australia.

RISC Advisory has conducted an independent assessment of the potential hydrogen resources with the PELs.

The assessment indicates that the area could contain between 49 million and 1.3 billion kilograms of hydrogen resources. The risked prospective best estimate is 343 million kilograms.

“Our initial hydrogen Prospective Resource assessment by RISC… provides further impetus for us to be part of South Australia’s rich history of developing clean energy industries,” said Nador.

Two additional applications have been made for gas storage exploration licences for a further 5700 square kilometres.

The granting of the licences is contingent on the execution of a valid land access agreement under the Native Title Act.

The company is actively evaluating natural hydrogen and helium, occurrences elsewhere in Australia and abroad.


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