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$570 for QLD battery boom

The strategy is a five-year action plan to supercharge growth as the world decarbonises. Image: Anatoly Repin/stock.adobe.com

A $570 million investment for Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy is set to develop advanced manufacturing of battery materials, cells, pack assembly, installation, and recycling.

“Queensland’s battery industry could deliver more than 9,100 jobs and contribute up to $1.3 billion to the state’s economy by 2030,” Minister for State Development and Infrastructure Grace Grace said.

“Each region of Queensland has a role to play in the development of the battery supply chain.”

According to her, there are incredible opportunities right across the state, from recovery of critical minerals to the production and refining of advanced materials, manufacturing, and integration of battery packs.

“As global economies decarbonise, the demand for battery storage is set to grow exponentially,” Grace said.

“Right now, most of the batteries used in Queensland are imported. This is a massive opportunity for Queensland to become a world leader and make these products in our own backyard, and it’s one we are seizing with both hands.”

The strategy is a five-year action plan to supercharge growth as the world decarbonises and strengthens Queensland’s position as a globally competitive investment destination.

“As the world moves towards net zero global demand for batteries will increase by tenfold to 2030,” Premier Steven Miles said.

“The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy establishes Queensland as a global leader in the flow batteries needed to store renewable energy and advanced battery technologies.”

The $570 million package includes new funding of $210 million to build capabilities across the value chain, drive development of battery standards, and testing.

It also provides the State’s funding contribution to the Australian Battery Industrialisation Centre that will be further developed in partnership with the Australian Government and a consortium of Queensland Universities.

“The Queensland battery industry will deliver opportunities to our regional areas with this strategy driving a focus on building the supply chain to meet global demand for new-economy energy production and storage,” Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing Glenn Butcher said.

“We know manufacturing means jobs and this strategy is a clear roadmap for how the emerging battery manufacturing industry will be shaped to generate hundreds of good Queensland jobs by 2030.

“The Strategy builds upon our investment in the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan to position Queensland to become a thriving renewables, hydrogen and clean energy manufacturing superpower.”

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