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AEMO offers gas training course

The new training program – Overview of AEMO’s Gas Markets – is designed and developed by industry experts, and features invaluable e-learning and face-to-face gas training components.

In this one-stop-shop to Australia’s east-coast gas markets, the training program covers:

  • AEMO’s gas markets – eastern and south eastern markets, Gas Bulletin Board and Wallumbilla and Moomba gas hubs.
  • About the Short Term Trading Market – how it operates, key arrangements with trading participants, market fundamentals, emergency arrangements.
  • About the Declared Wholesale Gas Market – Declared Transmission System operations in Victoria, trading participant arrangements, system security, key market concepts and processes.
  • Settlements and prudentials – Markets settlements comparison, settlement and prudential concepts explained.
  • The Gas Supply Hub (GSH) – Why a gas exchange?, registering for the GSH, market and legal frameworks, trading and market operation, gas delivery, market support.

AEMO will be running face-to-face gas education courses from the end of September.

Short term trading market: 28 September – Melbourne,

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