APPEA 2017: the essential event

If you work in Australian oil and gas and can attend only one major oil and gas event next year, it has to be at the APPEA 2017 Conference & Exhibition to be held at the Perth Convention Centre, Western Australia, from 14-17 May 2016.

The APPEA Conference & Exhibition will bring together oil and gas professionals, industry leaders, analysts and policymakers from across Australia and around the world. It remains:

  • The Australian oil and gas industry’s premier networking event – the best place to discover new opportunities, do deals, renew acquaintances and make new contacts.
  • The best forum for news, analysis and case studies relevant to the Australian oil and gas sector.
  • The best forum for insights into energy policy and its impacts on the petroleum industry.

APPEA 2017 APPEA has again produced an outstanding three-day conference program.

International experts and Australian industry leaders will provide up-to-date analysis, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues facing our industry. Politicians, executives and analysts will discuss the policy concerns confronting us.

Plenary highlights

APPEA 2017 is built around the theme Energy in Transition. It will feature several compelling plenary sessions

Energy – the Shape of Things to Come will canvass the global shift to cleaner energy; the opening up of new sources of supply; and the relentless pressure of international competition.

Diversity and Inclusion: improving profitability, reputation and effectiveness will explore how diversity can help make businesses stronger, and how companies can enhance diversity and inclusion in a period of slower growth.

In the CEO panel session, chief executives from leading oil and gas companies will discuss “Transition”? – changes in the national and global energy sectors, and the challenges and opportunities that this poses for companies and for the industry as a whole.

Wide-ranging coverage

The conference will also examine oil and gas projects, technologies, trends and opportunities in other parts of Australia.

We are seeing innovation in the offshore, onshore and LNG sectors in several parts of the eastern states, South Australia and Northern Territory. Issues such as technology and performance, and engagement and building trust, are relevant everywhere the industry operates.

APPEA 2017’s plenary and concurrent sessions offer more than 100 speeches and presentations. These will examine issues ranging from global and national developments in energy and climate policies; unconventional gas; LNG; project development; updates from regulators; tax, fiscal and commercial issues; prospectivity of frontier basins; and other scientific and technological reports.

There will also be a strong emphasis on community and stakeholder engagement, as well as skills, environmental, safety and operational issues.

This year’s conference will once again draw a large attendance and include a substantial exhibition. The exhibition area will cover 9,000 square metres and include tailored networking lounges and individual meeting zones to promote business discussion.

At a time such as this, the APPEA Conference and Exhibition becomes more important than ever. In hard times, companies must not only tighten their belts – they must innovate and form new partnerships. APPEA 2017 will help these processes by providing plenty of ideas, project case studies and technology news, and networking opportunities.

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