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Arrow enters Tipton FEED

Located 30 km west of Dalby in Queensland’s Surat Basin, the project involves a significant upgrade of existing facilities and would more than double production capacity from Tipton to more than 80 TJ/d.

“This project continues the development of the Arrow resource which will see more gas in the market,”? said Arrow CEO Qian Mingyang.

“The planned expansion of Arrow’s Tipton operations is expected to involve 90 new wells in the initial phase and another 180 wells over the next 25 years – along with new gathering lines, an upgraded water treatment facility and four new compressors.

“The project is well underway, and will enable Arrow to run existing compression facilities to their maximum design limits, increasing our current Surat production by up to 30 per cent.”?

The project follows a recent $600 million investment by Arrow in its Surat Basin infrastructure, comprising the $500 million Daandine expansion project (commissioned late 2016) and commencement of a $100 million Produce the Limit (PtL) project earlier this year, to expand capacity at its Daandine and Tipton fields.

Together, the expansion projects (Daandine, PtL and Tipton) would bring Arrow’s Surat gas production to more than 170 Tj/d, for both domestic and export use.

Once the FEED is finished, Arrow’s shareholders will consider a Final Investment Decision.

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