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Australia and US sign LNG alliance

The Australia-US Strategic Partnership on Energy in Indo-Pacific was recently signed by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during his recent visit to the US, according to The Australian.

According to the White House press release:

The United States and Australia intend to launch the United States-Australia Strategic Partnership on Energy in the Indo-Pacific region to promote energy infrastructure, low emissions technologies, and global gas markets.


The United States and Australia plan to encourage best practices, spur investment, and develop policies to support high quality infrastructure in the United States, Australia, and third countries, in particular in the Indo-Pacific region.

The details were revealed yesterday at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference in Sydney by Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan.

“It’s not just about competition with the United States; there is also the opportunity to for us to cooperate, to expand the use of gas in particular in Asian markets,”? said Mr Canavan.

“More energy infrastructure throughout Asia, especially in gas import receiving terminals, can help grow the wholesale gas market and create more opportunities for both our countries.”?

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