Australian resources key to combatting global poverty

Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan believes the action demanded on climate change needs to be supported by development of Australia’s resources industry.

Speaking at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne, Canavan said the restriction on using Australian coal and gas would make it harder for other countries to grow and develop.

Canavan urged Australia to work towards “making all countries rich enough” so everyone could prioritise reducing carbon emissions before providing housing or nutrition to their citizens.

“That means to get more action on climate change we need to increase people’s incomes,” Canavan said.

“The development of our resources is part of the way to do that. We have a moral, economic and environmental duty to responsibly develop our resources to help deliver better outcomes for all people in the world.”

He said the Australian’s Government strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions was just one among its many goals to help the world.

Other sustainable development goals posed by the United Nations include no poverty, zero hunger and decent work and economic growth.

“Part of that (is) reminding people about how important the resources industry is to humanity’s development. The use of our natural mineral and energy resources is a necessary condition to help end poverty, improve lives and provide for more equal societies,” Canavan said.

“My vision for the resources industry and our nation is… the green light. A green light for new mining basins, a green light for dams and a green light for the continued economic industrialisation and development of the world.”

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