CCS Australia

Focusing on natural hydrogen in SA

Gold Hydrogen is focused on the discovery and development of world class natural hydrogen gas in a potentially extensive natural hydrogen province in South Australia. Read More
Reliable Renewables Plan

Boosting renewable energy zones in NSW

Solar, wind and battery projects in two of New South Wales’ Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) have been given a big boost, with the state government opening new access schemes to accelerate their connection to the energy grid. Read More
Electricity prices

Electricity prices fall flat

The latest Quarterly Energy Dynamics Report has shown wholesale electricity prices were down eight per cent on the east coast.
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Genesis Energy sales

Sales up for Genesis

Despite challenging conditions, Genesis Energy has seen customer growth rise as well as sales volumes by 6.4 per cent.
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Woodside Pluto

Woodside to decommission Minerva

Woodside Energy has submitted a plan to undertake subsea decommissioning activities for the Minerva Field, located 11km off Victoria.
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