AWS scores top marks with Achilles

AWS General Manager Doug Henderson said Achilles’ tick of approval for the systems and procedures guiding the use of AWS’ fleet of revolutionary well servicing rigs, was another key step to instilling industry confidence in the company’s service offering.

“We are new to the industry and bringing fresh well servicing solutions to the arena, but with anything new, it’s important we can also demonstrate that our very unique service is backed by comprehensive procedures of the highest calibre,”?
Mr Henderson said.

“Achieving this tick of approval from Achilles will reinforce to the industry that AWS is a company that can successfully manage and deliver safe, effective and very efficient project outcomes.

“This high-level endorsement is critical in the industry sector that we work in, as well servicing and the associated risks that come with the task, is well documented.

“We operate in a high risk environment, and with assets that are key to continued optimum production output, so being able to carry out well servicing, while at the same time providing peace of mind for our clients, is an important part of AWS’ business model.”?

Mr Henderson said with the audit now complete, and AWS elevated to a platform of consideration by major resource developers, he looked forward to the company building solid working relationships with those stakeholders in the future.

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