Beach and Cooper spud Dombey-1 well

Beach Energy and Cooper Energy have spudded the Dombey-1 onshore gas exploration well in South Australia.

The partners are targeting gas reservoirs in the Pretty Hill formation and Sawpit Sandstone.

Drilling funding is assisted by the South Australian Government’s $6.9 million Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) grant.

The grant aims to increase gas supplies and increase competition between gas suppliers in South Australia.

If drilling is successful for primary target reservoirs, Beach will continue drilling deeper to a secondary target, the lower Sawpit Sandstone.

The well has a deviated trajectory design to intersect and evaluate both target reservoirs and will have a total depth of 3226 metres from rotary table. Dombey-1 is scheduled for completion after 47 days.

Cooper also recently made a gas field discovery in the Annie-1 exploration well in the Otway Basin offshore Victoria.

Annie is the first gas discovery by an offshore well in the Otway Basin in 11 years.

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