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Central spuds Mereenie well

Spudded last night, the well is being drilled by Ensign Australia using its Ensign 932 drilling rig.

The well aims to access the known gas that exists in the Stairway Formation, which overlies the present producing zones in the Mereenie oil and gas field, and is designed to take advantage of the naturally fractured sandstone.

The West Mereenie-26 drilling program is anticipated to take 36 days to reach a total depth of 2,915 m measured depth, with a vertical depth of 1,242 m total vertical depth and a horizontal reservoir section of up to 1,481 m.

Central Petroleum is the operator of the Mereenie Joint Venture, which is a 50:50 split with Macquarie Mereenie Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Macquarie Group.

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