Class leading gloves put tool-height safety in every workers hands

One of the highest causes of frustration for health, safety and environment (HSE) officers is supplying all of the solutions for a safe workplace, only to see them going unused or applied incorrectly. GRIPPS has addressed this issue front-on, by literally putting the solution in the hands of every worker.

Like most safety initiatives, tool tethering and protection against dropped objects requires an omnichannel approach. Sometimes, and especially on large scale oil and gas operations, having the gear available is just one component of a successful dropped-object prevention strategy.

Time and time again, GRIPPS witnesses or hears stories of tool tethers and connectors being purchased en masse, only to wind up in a dusty corner of the tool shed being overlooked by workers. Even worse, tool tethering solutions that are applied incorrectly, resulting in increased risky behaviour under the false assumption of safety coverage.

Without ongoing education, communication and management, it’s human nature to go back to old habits and to take shortcuts – usually in the name of increased efficiency. That’s where the GRIPPS range of gloves comes in.

The patented design of the GRIPPS glove has a fully load rated tool tether anchor built directly into the glove itself. This means that when a worker is operating a hand tool, they simply tether it directly to the hand that’s using it.

GRIPPS gloves hand tethers feature twin rotating karabiners on a strong abrasion resistant webbing. At a length of 25 centimetres, they provide ample protection against drops without tangles or getting in the way.

The GRIPPS gloves range provides a range of features to support the task at hand. For tactical jobs that require absolute freedom of access, the GRIPPS ‘Lite’ gloves with webbing hand tether is a perfect solution. For heavy work, Cut-5 & Impact Protection is also available.

Used in combination with a GRIPPS Tethering Station (GTS-20T/25T), all hand tools are organised, tethered & secured throughout all stages of the job. Tools are tethered directly to the GTS and organised within their own pouches. Simply unclip the tether from the GTS and then clip directly to your GRIPPS glove for use. Simple and, importantly, effective.

The GRIPPS range of gloves are available for a limited number of free on-site trials. If you would like to see how the GRIPPS gloves range can revolutionise the efficiency and safety of your operation, then head to to apply.

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