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Decommissioning on track for BMG wells

Drilling offshore WA

Cooper Energy has announced that decommissioning of Basker-6, the last well of the BMG wells, is expected to be completed this week.

The final cost of the BMG wells decommissioning program remains towards the upper end of the estimate range of $240 to $280 million.

According to Cooper Energy, a future stage of work will be required to remove seafloor production equipment.

This is so work can be conducted with a workboat and is smaller scope than the wells decommissioning program.

The Basker Manta Gummy (BMG) sits 50km off the Victorian coastline. Work on decommissioning began in January 2024, when the Helix Q7000 vessel started at the first well, Basker-3.

At the time, Cooper Energy noted that the company was making progress work despite delays.

The delays included the vessels late arrival at the BMG field, which resulted in the company incurring more than three months of holding costs.

This created a flow on effect, according to Cooper, and meant more time was required during start-up activities. This then required a re-forecasting of the remaining six BMG wells.

As a result, the company revised its cost from $193-$198 million to $240 to $280 million.

Decommissioning activities are projected to be completed by the end of 2026, while all post-decommissioning activities are to be completed by the end of 2027.

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