Elevated safety with GRIPPS

One of the main concerns when developing a safe working at height plan, is the impact to working efficiencies.

Tool and object tethering, though necessary, can sometimes be seen as cumbersome and unsupportive of the task at hand – especially in tight working environments.

Not only does this potentially introduce an additional risk to the task, but it also creates pushback in adoption of the potentially life-saving tool drop prevention systems.

This is why GRIPPS developed the GRIPPS Tethering Station (GTS). It combines the most valuable features for at height workers with a robust tool tethering system.

Supported by a rigid backboard that prevents twisting or distortion, the GTS is great at tool organisation.

Dual general-purpose pouches are reinforced with inner-stitched plating – perfect for battery tools. A range of stretch-webbing and canvas sheaths keep a full kit of hand-tools and heavy’s and equipment organised and accessible.

Fully load rated straps allow it to be hung directly off of rales, scaffolding or elevated work platform cages. The slimline design means it doesn’t take up any working area, and takes tools off the floor.

Constructed from an extra heavy duty, fire retardant 26-ounce canvas, the minimal/isolated use of metals and non-conductive tether anchors make the GTS-20T safe for works around live electricity.

Strategically placed tether anchors ensure every tool is tethered and accessible at all times, with each tether anchor fully load rated and non-conductive. Two dual-action carabiners provide additional anchoring and tethering options.

Used in conjunction with GRIPPS tether-ready gloves, you have a complete tool-drop prevention strategy in the one product.

For more information and the full range of specs, head to: https://www.gripps.com.au/products/gts-20t

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