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Erection of inlet facilities a major milestone for Ichthys LNG

The inlet facilities are the entry point for raw gas flowing into the gas treatment facility – comprising two slug catchers, three condensate stabiliser units, two feed pre-heaters, and two heat medium furnaces and associated tankage.

Of the modules erected, the heaviest were the feed gas separator units, weighing in at more than 2,200 t. These modules were moved into position using self-propelled module transporters.

The heaviest piperack weighed in at approximately 350 t and was safely lifted into place using 600 t crawler cranes.

When the raw feed gas is piped into Darwin via the project’s 890 km gas export pipeline, it will contain a mixture of gas, liquids and naturally occurring impurities.

Due to the heavy density of the raw feed gas, it forms a liquid referred to as the “˜slug’ – otherwise known as condensate – which enters the slug catchers via the main pipeline. During this process, the condensate is separated from the gas stream and is then stabilised for storage.

With the condensate separated, the raw gas then proceeds to the process trains for removal of impurities, dehydration, fractionation and refrigeration into LNG and LPG.

Over the coming months, the Ichthys crew will continue piping and welding, pressure testing, electrical and instrumentation, and cable termination works.

The Ichthys LNG Project is a joint venture between Inpex, Total as well as the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric Power and Toho Gas.

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