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Esso’s plans in the Gippsland basin

Snowy Hydro gas

Esso has submitted a proposal to undertake geophysical and geotechnical investigations within the Gippsland Basin, 200km east of Melbourne.

According to the proposal, the investigations will consist of various campaigns to inform future activities within the Basin, including development of new and existing gas fields, plug and abandonment, decommissioning and drilling.

The proposed seabed surveys will be carried out during the life of the environment plan (EP), five years from the date of the accepted EP.

The geophysical and geotechnical surveys are estimated to take up to a maximum of 180 days per year.

In addition, seabed imagery, and sediment and water samples will be undertaken at representative locations to collect baseline data.

The Gippsland Basin has a network of pipelines which brings produced hydrocarbons to the onshore petroleum processing facilities near Longford. A 457mm gas pipeline from these facilities delivers Gippsland gas along the eastern seaboard of Australia to Sydney.

A new network of gas pipelines distributes Gippsland Basin gas to customers in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia.

Increasing gas market demand in the SE Australian region together with deregulation and reform of the upstream and downstream gas industry during recent years has also provided the impetus for renewed exploration activities.

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