Fall Protection Takes Centre Stage at 3M’s Fall Protection Open Day

Falls from heights are an ongoing safety concern in all industrial environments.

According to the Safe Work Australia report, Work-Related Injuries and Fatalities Involving A Fall From Height, in 2010–11, 7730 claims for serious injury were lodged due to a fall from a height. This means that 21 employees each day lodged a claim for a falls-related injury that required one or more weeks off work.

Given the importance of preventing falls from height, 3M, the leader in safety, and Capital Safety, the leader in fall protection, are now connected for a safer future – 3M Fall Protection.


To be held at the 3M’s Fall Protection headquarters in Sydney on Thursday, October 27th, the day will feature many informative activities that demonstrate the importance of fall protection.

  • Visit the custom-built fall protection Training Centre where you can learn about how to prevent falls from heights and dangerous workplaces and how to create a safer work environment.
  • Watch as 3M tests its products on its purpose built product Testing Tower!
  • View the disastrous consequences of a fall from height so you and your company can avoid them in future. Fall protection goes virtual with 3M’s new virtual reality experience, which is available all day!
  • Learn about new arc flash technology and the product life-cycle concept where you are taken through the R&D process of prototyping and testing, through to the manufacturing assessment and into mass production.
  • Go on guided tour of the production floor where you will see how a harness gets constructed from raw material through to the finished
  • See live, hands-on training demonstrations such as Dropped Objects and Pick-off Rescues on 3M’s mobile Road Show Demo Truck.


Key info

Date and Time: Thursday 27 October 2016, with two sessions: a morning session (9am to 12pm) and an afternoon session (1pm to 4pm).

Address: 3M Fall Protection 95 Derby St Silverwater NSW 2128.

Inclusions: Lunch is provided for all guests in both sessions, between 12pm to 1pm.


Contact: If you have any questions, please call 1800 245 002

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