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FPSO sets sail to Barossa

This prowess is a true milestone for the two partner companies. Image: picture cells/stock.adobe.com

Santos has announced that the build of the Barossa FPSO is on track and is expected to depart Singapore for the Barossa field in Q1, 2025.

The Barossa floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) – one of the largest FPSO vessels ever built – will generate its own electricity using Barossa production gas and potable water supply, while living quarters are provided onboard for the operations workforce.

The FPSO contract is Santos‘ project’s biggest – comprising engineering, procurement of materials, equipment and services, construction, installation, commissioning and testing of the facility.

Santos announced last week that the project was 70 per cent complete.

Once Barossa is completed, natural gas is set to be extracted from the Barossa field, located in Commonwealth waters approximately 300 kilometres offshore north-northwest from Darwin, and transported via the Gas Export Pipeline (GEP) and Darwin Pipeline Duplication (DPD) to the existing DLNG facility, with first gas targeted for 2025.

Project infrastructure consists of the FPSO facility, a subsea production system, supporting in-field subsea infrastructure, the GEP and the DPD.

Up to eight subsea wells are planned to be drilled in the Barossa field (six wells from three drill centres), with contingency plans for an additional two wells. Gas and condensate are set to be gathered from the wells through the subsea production system and then brought to the FPSO facility via a network of subsea infrastructure.

Initial processing will occur at the FPSO facility, to separate the natural gas, water and condensate extracted from the Barossa field.

The dry natural gas would be transported through the gas pipeline for onshore processing at the DLNG facility. Condensate would be transferred from the FPSO to specialised tankers for export.

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