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Glenaras boosts Galilee up

With Glenaras, Galilee seems to be unstoppable. Image: Pixels Hunter/stock.adobe.com

The continued progress of Glenaras’ Betts Creek coals towards critical desorption pressure is a real encouragement for Galilee Energy.

“While the tempo of drilling activity has abated at Glenaras, work continues there on several fronts, particularly ongoing monitoring of the progress of the Betts Creek coals towards critical desorption pressure,” Galilee executive chairman Ray Shorrocks said.

“We remain positive on this outcome. We were also very pleased to sign a non-binding agreement with Energy Queensland for gas supply and other initiatives at the Barcaldine Power Station.”

Galilee continues to monitor the depressurisation of the Betts Creek coals and adjacent sands.

Following all the work the company has undertaken over 2023, in particular from data captured since the completion of the successful workovers and interventions during FY23, the project has been exhibiting signs typical of a reservoir in transition.

Encouragingly it is clear that, particularly with additional drilling, should that be required, Galilee is on track to achieve the required pressure reduction at Glenaras to observe meaningful desorbed gas production in the near term.

Galilee has also recently signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Queensland Government-owned corporation Energy Queensland for the supply of natural gas and to progress the development of a hydrogen facility in the state’s central west.

The terms of the non-binding MoU provide a framework for Galilee and Energy Queensland to progress preliminary discussions for the supply of natural gas to the Barcaldine Power Station to the south east of Glenaras, in addition to collaborating on the development of a hydrogen facility at the site.

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