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Gold Hydrogen confirms high purity helium in Ramsay

Helium gold hydrogen

Gold Hydrogen has confirmed high purity helium at the Ramsay 1 and 2 exploration wells in South Australia.

The company’s successful exploration well testing operations are nearing completion at Ramsay 1 and 2, with work continuing after Easter.

Following the drilling of Ramsay 1 and Ramsay 2, testing and analysis has confirmed up to 17.5 per cent purity for helium, which is believed to be amongst the highest ever recorded purities, according to Gold Hydrogen.

Based on the promising results, the company has confirmed it is appropriate to conduct a longer term extended exploration production test to understand how future wells will perform during the production phase of the project.

“To have found and confirmed both natural hydrogen at up to 86 per cent purity and helium up to 17.5 per cent air-corrected purity in our Ramsay 1 and 2 wells is truly amazing,” Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald said.

“And to also evidence from our stage 1 well testing that we are recovering both natural hydrogen and helium to surface from multiple formations at such an early testing stage indicates that we are well on the journey to produce both natural hydrogen and helium at commercial levels as we ultimately progress.”

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