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Green gas key to energy future: APGA

Released last year, the Decarbonising Australia’s Gas Distribution Networks report was produced by Deloitte and shows that options such as biogas, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage are not only carbon neutral but also cost competitive.

“This report demonstrates that existing gas infrastructure and assets have a critical role to play in Australia’s carbon-free future, while also outlining a decarbonisation pathway for gas which can be realised in the next three decades,”? said Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) CEO Steve Davies.

“Hydrogen is a particularly exciting example, and the report details how excess electricity is being converted into hydrogen and then injected into and stored in the gas network.

“This energy is then available on demand, through proven infrastructure and can also help address challenges in gas supply.”?

The reports also show that decarbonised gas will be a cost-effective option in meeting Australia’s long-term energy needs, as it can leverage existing infrastructure to reduce the need for new investment.

“Gas infrastructure is delivering as much energy to Australian homes and businesses as electricity infrastructure at around half the cost,”? said Mr Davies.

“It has also proven itself as a reliable fuel-source which is capable of suppling synchronous generation and energy to Australian energy consumers.

“It simply makes sense to invest in this proven technology and decarbonise gas than to expand electricity investment or investment in alternative fuel types.

“Addressing the energy trilemma of affordability, reliability and emissions will require many different tools.

“Decarbonising gas provides several tools for the toolkit.”?

APGA is a partner in the CSIRO’s Hydrogen Roadmap project and is a key industry sponsor of the Future Fuels Co-operative Research Centre, which is focused on the leveraging Australia’s gas infrastructure to deliver new fuels efficiently, safely and reliably.

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