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Helium found at Ramsay 2

Ramsay 2

After achieving total depth at Ramsay 2, Gold Hydrogen has found high helium concentrations at the site in South Australia.

The drilling results revealed high helium concentrations of 6.8 per cent. These values could potentially make Ramsay a helium project, if replicated across the tenement.

In the drilling process, the testing equipment detected both hydrogen and helium with additional mud gas samples extracted from key target zones.

Despite being the second well in the company’s exploration program, various points in the campaign have indicated the potential for a significant helium reservoir.

Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald said the results were “world-class”.

“While we were already pleasantly surprised by the previously tested and announced helium found at Ramsay 1, the results from Ramsay 2 of 6.8 per cent helium in the raw gas do not come as a complete shock.

“These findings further affirm our commitment to pioneering advancements in the field and underscore the global significant of the Ramsay project.”

The announcement follows Gold Hydrogen’s announcement that hydrogen was found at Ramsay 2.

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