Hella RokLUME and HypaLUME

Hella’s lighting range applies some of the same philosophies and standards found in the company’s internationally recognised automotive product innovations. Its primary range includes the RokLUME and HypaLUME series.

The lights’ casings are treated with a special patented coating called NanoSAFE, which is designed to counter the effects of harsh mining environments.

It implements three additional layers of coating to make casing surfaces more corrosion resistant, non-stick and easy to clean.

Stefan Kisser, product manager and applications engineer at Hella Australia, says “Hella uses NanoSafe technology to improve product performance – the three additional layers lead to a much higher and longer resistance against corrosion. This NanoSafe technology is exclusive to our mining LED work lamps, where the conditions are extremely harsh.”

The compact RokLUME 155TP, RokLUME 190TP, mid-size 280 N and larger 380 N are designed to bring on-road safety to vehicles during night operations and can be mounted to heavy vehicles using a heavy duty bracket.

RokLUME lights include up to five light distribution specifications to suit various needs, including close- and long-range illumination, pencil beam, flood lighting and amber lighting.

Larger models such as the RokLUME 380N and 280N are compatible with Hella’s ZeroGlare lighting technology, which minimises glare when vehicles are passing each other.

The RokLUME 280N is capable of a light output of 4400 lumens (lm) while the RokLUME 380N can go up to 7800 lumens.

The HypaLUME range is designed for high-output lighting in scenarios where the widest possible range of light is required, such as flood lighting on tall structures or very large machines.

The lights are capable of extremely powerful light output; the HypaLUME 110/230V AC LED heavy duty flood light for example is capable of an output of 28,000 lumens.

The HypaLUME 24/48V DC LED flood light, meanwhile, can go up to 25,000 lumens.

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