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High helium found at Ramsay

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Drilling results have confirmed Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay Project continues to shine with world-class helium concentrations of up to 6.8 per cent in raw gas found recently.

The company’s prospective resource report for helium obtained for a 2000km2 area of Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay Project on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

“The world-class results for the Ramsay Project continue with Gold Hydrogen being able to obtain this prospective resource for helium,” Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald said.

“Our independent certifiers have been able to review all the historical and current data.

“To have them assess and report that we have 96bcf of helium on the Ramsay Project, which only covers an area which is 25 per cent of this granted permit, is an exceptional result and a huge value add to our company.”

McDonald also noted the rarity and value of helium.

“Considering that helium projects are commercial around the world from 1 per cent purity and we have 6.8 per cent purity raw gas from recent exploration results, combining this with a market where helium is expected on a longer-term basis to sell for approximately USD$450 per mcf, we may very well have a world-class helium project, and one with scale,” he said.

“We are incredibly pleased with the helium results, as we consider they can only further enhance the Ramsay Project, which has identified multiple target zones for both hydrogen and helium.”

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