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High purity levels for Ramsay

purity ramsay

Gold Hydrogen has found hydrogen purity levels of up to 95.8 per cent across seven zones in Ramsay 1 and 2.

The company noted that natural hydrogen and helium flowed to the surface, achieving the primary objective before formation water encroachment impacted further flow testing.

“To specifically test seven zones in Ramsay 2 from 200m to 1000m and to have confirmed natural hydrogen can be extracted to the surface from all seven zones, plus confirming that helium can be extracted to surface from a 180m gross thick pay zone, is a remarkable result,” Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald said.

“These results are believed to be amongst the highest ever recorded purities in the world for helium at 17.5 per cent (air corrected) and for natural hydrogen at 95.8 per cent (air corrected).”

McDonald said the company is looking towards finalising the next stage of testing based on promising stage one results.

“We look forward to finalising our detailed plans and our contractual arrangements for stage two exploration well testing to commence early third quarter 2024,” he said.

“We are well on the journey of aspiring to produce both natural hydrogen and helium at commercial levels as we ultimately progress.”

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