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Huge returns at Waitsia-3

On 19 October, at the end of a seven-hour clean-up period, the well flowed gas at an instantaneous maximum rate of 50 MMcf/d and an average of 49.5 MMcf/d on an 80/64 inch choke at ~1,929 psig flowing well head pressure over a 2.6 hour period.

“This is another extremely positive result and demonstrates once more the outstanding conventional reservoir properties of the Waitsia field,”? said AWE CEO and Managing Director David Biggs.

“The result also provides further confidence in the field deliverability as we move toward a Final Investment Decision for Stage 2 of the Waitsia program.”?

Waitsia-3 will now be shut-in for a brief pressure build-up survey prior to a series of flow tests at various choke settings, rates and well-head pressures.

Following the Waitsia-3 flow test, AWE will also test the Waitsia-2 and Waitsia-4 wells, with the testing program expected to be complete by the end of November.

Waitsia-3 is located approximately 20 km southeast of Dongara, Western Australia, and 11 km south of the Waitsia-1 well.

Discovered in 2014, the Waitsia Field has the capability to supply the domestic market with 100 TJ/d from conventional reservoirs for more than 10 years.

AWE is the operator and has a 50 per cent stake in L1 and L2, along with joint venture partners Origin Energy (50 per cent).

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