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Hydrogen detected across Ramsay Project

Ramsay 2

The soil gas testing survey detected hydrogen in areas across in Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay Project in South Australia (SA).

The first stage of the two-stage survey, led by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), was trialled to determine whether hydrogen gas could be detected in soils at surface above prospective natural hydrogen locations.

Independent technical experts said the positive results are near geological faults that extend down into basement rocks expected to be the source of hydrogen.

Analysis of the locations suggested hydrogen was generated in the subsurface and may have filled a suitable reservoir.

Helium was also found in multiple locations in PEL 687, with Gold Hydrogen confirming that further studies will be undertaken to analyse this.

While the company noted the encouraging results, it also said the only way to determine hydrogen accumulation is to drill one or two wells. Plans for the first well to be drilled is set for October 2023.

The results of the well will be integrated with interpretations of the reprocessed surveys and the soil test results to assist with further exploration.

The second stage of the soil gas survey exploration technique is tentatively scheduled for late 2023 to early 2024.

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