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Jemena and Optimal to explore renewable gas


Jemena and Optimal have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop three new biomethane production facilities in regional New South Wales (NSW).

Through the MoU, Optimal Renewable Gas (ORG) will identify suitable sites in regional NSW to proximity to agricultural and other waste sources in preparation for building the facilities.

Jemena will undertake feasibility and preparatory work so biomethane can be injected into the NSW gas distribution network.

“We have started assessing projects in NSW to produce biomethane to inject into the gas network,” ORG managing director Mike Davis said.

“Based on our work to date, we could potentially be looking at somewhere closer to two to four petajoules per annum.

“Our near-term aim is to have ten grid-scale plants in production or under development nationally by 2030.”

Jemena acting director David Gillespie said he was pleased Jemena and Optimal can work together to progress renewable gases within the region.

“It’s our view that biomethane offers a here-and-now way to help Australia reduce emissions,” he said.

“Transitioning the energy system so it meets Australia’s net-zero emission targets is a massive undertaking, and we need to be looking at all available options.

“Continuing to use Australia’s extensive, existing gas networks to transport increasing volumes of renewable gases like biomethane can complement renewable electricity, both in firming the network, and in continuing to power industries and heat homes and hot water systems.”

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