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Long-term gas market needs must be a priority: APGA

APGA CEO Steve Davies said it was tragic that, despite warnings on the looming gas supply shortage over many years, the nation had to reach the brink of a crisis to force action.

“The failure to think strategically and to develop a comprehensive national energy policy has led us inexorably down this path so that the only solution remaining is the drastic one of threatening exports,”? Mr Davies said.

“Obviously, Australia’s economy depends on industry being able to access the energy it needs reliably and securely, and the government’s efforts to secure enough gas for domestic use should meet those needs in the short-term.

“However, the energy needs of Australia’s industrial commercial and domestic users must be met day after day, year after year, in the long-term as well.

“Energy Ministers and officials have in recent times focused on developing and implementing a range of gas market and transportation reforms.

These reforms will improve the transparency and liquidity of gas market, but they will not, as governments have been repeatedly warned, drive more investment in gas supply.

“Neither will the threat to curtail LNG exports, this simply shifts gas from one user to another.

“It does not put in place the policy pillars required to provide the certainty that will enable the long-term investment decisions to be made that will form the foundation of a secure, reliable and low emissions energy future for the nation.

“Time is running out. Stop-gap solutions may address today’s problem, but often at tomorrow’s expense.

“Only a carefully thought-out strategic national energy policy which has broad stakeholder support will supply the investment needed to ensure Australia’s energy is available to both domestic and international users.”?

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