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Mira production steadily increasing

Since the last operation update, Comet Ridge says the pump speed has been increased slightly while the gas rate has continued its steady climb, recently passing 390,000 scf/d with a strong upward trend.

“All technical data has now been provided to the independent reserves certifier to generate an updated assessment of 2P and 3P reserves for the Mahalo Block as a whole, and this work is progressing on schedule to be completed during the first quarter,”? said Comet Ridge Managing Director Tor McCaul.

The Mira-6/2 combination and three vertical wells (Mira 3, 4 and 5) continue to actively dewater the Mira Pilot Scheme.

In Mira-6/2, bottomhole pressure is being brought down gradually and still remains relatively high, indicating gas rates should continue to increase the pressure in the pilot area is further reduced.

The downward spike in the gas rate and pump speed corresponds to a short shut-in of the well for surface flowline maintenance work during early January.

The large upward spike occurred soon after the well came back online with the well trying to unload against low back pressure.

A subsequent increase in surface separator pressure, ensured gas production has developed on a more gradual trend.

The Mahalo Project is located approximately 240 km west of Gladstone in the southern Bowen Basin.

It is close to infrastructure with pipeline connections to the Gladstone domestic and LNG market a short distance to both the west and south of the two pilot schemes.

Equity participants in ATP 1191 Mahalo CSG are Comet Ridge (40 per cent and operator), APLNG (30 per cent) and Santos (30 per cent).

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