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More natural gas vital to Queensland’s energy mix: APPEA

Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham has reportedly told a conference on the Gold Coast that gas-fired power provided the “perfect co-existence model”? alongside renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro and wind.

“The Minister has described gas as a “fuel of the future”?, all credible analysts agree with him,”? said APPEA Chief Executive Dr Malcolm Roberts.

“This is refreshing honesty in an often polarised energy debate.

“Queensland needs a mix of energy technologies to deliver reliable, affordable and cleaner electricity, no single technology can meet all these needs.

“Gas-fired generation is unique in our energy mix.

“It alone can supply electricity within minutes to meet spikes in demand or falls in output from other generators. It is ideal for supporting intermittent renewable energy because of this rapid response.

“The International Energy Agency has modelled how the world’s use of energy will change to meet the challenge of cutting emissions.

“The IEA forecasts that, in a carbon-constrained world, the global use of natural gas will increase to 2040.

“The same point has been made for Australia. The most recent modelling for the Climate Change Authority indicates that we will need to more than triple output from gas-fired plants to meet our 2030 emissions targets.

“The Minister’s comments are welcome. Gas should be playing a greater role in Queensland’s future energy mix because it is cleaner burning, reliable, affordable and perfectly complements renewables.”?

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