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Natural gas backed by G20 energy ministers

Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) Chief Executive and International Gas Union (IGU) Executive Committee Member Cheryl Cartwright congratulated the IGU on its increased engagement in the international energy community.

“The G20 Natural Gas Day, held in Beijing as part of the G20 Energy Ministerial Meetings, is a welcome addition to the international discussion about the value of natural gas,”? said Ms Cartwright.

“While reliance on renewable energy will increase, this can’t happen overnight, and for many years to come Australia and the world will rely on hydrocarbons for energy production.”?

In its communique, the G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting in Beijing acknowledged the findings of the Natural Gas Day: “We recognise that natural gas can be a less emission intensive fossil fuel and can play an important effective role in moving towards a low GHG emission energy future… many countries intend to expand the utilisation of natural gas in transportation, distributed energy, or power generation, as well as enhance gas trading.”?

“Electricity generated by gas has less than half the emissions of electricity generated by coal, and natural gas used directly in households has even lower emissions,”? said Ms Cartwright.

“Furthermore, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that gas used in households costs around half as much as electricity for the same amount of energy.

“Australia is fortunate to have abundant supplies of natural gas, but we need policies that encourage, rather than discourage, its use.

“The most effective policy to efficiently reduce carbon emissions is a technology-neutral emissions intensive scheme which would encourage reduced emissions according to technology and cost, rather than picking winners.”?

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