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New members for Climate Change Authority

Climate Change Authority

The Federal Government has appointed Fiona Simson and Richard Bolt as members of the Climate Change Authority (CCA) and re-appointed existing chief executive officer Brad Archer.

Simson has a wealth of experience within the agricultural sector, having recently stepped down as chair of the National Farmers’ Federation after serving as its first female president.

Bolt is chair of Hydro Tasmania and comes to the CCA with deep experience in national climate and energy policy reform as a former secretary of various Victorian Government departments.

Archer’s tenure has been extended for a further 12 months. He was first appointed to the CCA in 2019 and is a former senior climate change executive in the Australian Public Service.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen welcomed the new members.

“The CCA provides independent advice that’s critical for developing Australia’s climate policy, and both Fiona and Richard have a wealth of experience and perspectives to contribute to that,” Minister Bowen said.

“We look forward to CCA’s collective input into our annual climate change statement and sectoral plans to help the Government make key policy decisions and set an ambitious and achievable 2035 target that seizes economic opportunity for Australia.”

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