New upgrade kits convert transmitters into analysers

Although the XTC and XTP601 series transmitters are both cost-effective and reliable, Michell discovered that some customers needed the added functionality of an analyser and developed the new kits to assist in upgrading units in the field to obtain the desired functionality.

Whilst sharing the same specifications for range, accuracy and reliability as the transmitters, the thermo-paramagnetic XTP and binary gas XTC analysers incorporate a human machine interface.

This allows users to view, interrogate, change settings and calibrate the unit in-situ, with the display and “˜through the glass’ capacitance buttons on the front of the unit making operation and interrogation of the units easy to carry out.

The upgrade kits are available for the general purpose (non-hazardous area) versions of the transmitters and contain everything needed for a properly trained and competent technician to convert the transmitter easily in less than half an hour, without the need for specialist tools.

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