Phone gripper a solution to using smartphones at height

Small electronic devices, particularly mobile phones, have always been a bugbear for safety managers overseeing operations at height.

Their ease of transportation, ability to take high-resolution pictures and the ever-expanding library of apps make them a valuable resource for height-works, but tethering solutions have been cumbersome and clunky.

To date, tethering a mobile phone meant creating a permanent tether anchor point on the phone itself, usually through the use of industrial-grade adhesives.

Not only does this make the device clunky to use when not “on the job”, but it also almost always damaged the phone’s exterior.

The GRIPPS phone gripper avoids all of the downsides of creating a permanent tether anchor point, with its innovative design and custom Australian designed silicon compound.

The phone gripper works by wrapping around the corners of the smartphone, creating a silicon harness. The load rated tether connector point is moulded into the silicon, making it a single-piece solution.

Extensive testing with both static and dynamic weight loads has awarded the phone gripper a maximum load rating of 0.3 kilograms – 100 grams heavier than the biggest iPhone or Samsung on the market.

With no additional adhesives required, the phone gripper is a robust, lightweight, cost-effective and ridiculously simple solution to the growing risks of using smartphones at height.

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution for the use of mobile phones at height, then contact GRIPPS today for a cost-free trial on your site at

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