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Prelude on track for 2018 start-up

The timeline was confirmed by Shell’s Chief Financial Officer Jessica Uhl in the company’s first quarter results.

“Prelude remains on schedule, we’ve indicated that start-up was in 2018 and we remain confident in that timing,”? said Ms Uhl.

However, it remains unclear when LNG production from the floating LNG facility will begin.

Shell is developing the Prelude, Concerto and Crux gas fields, located in permits WA-44L and AC/L9 in Western Australia’s offshore Browse Basin, using FLNG technology.

Prelude will be located in the Browse Basin, approximately 475 km north-northeast of Broome and over 200 km from the nearest point on the coast of the remote Kimberley region, in Western Australia.

Joint venture participants in the project include Shell (operator, 67.5 per cent), INPEX (17.5 per cent), KOGAS (10 per cent) and OPIC (5 per cent).

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