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Pure hydrogen found at Ramsay

Hydrogen QLD

Gold Hydrogen has announced very high hydrogen concentrations of up to 86 per cent purity has been found at Ramsay 2, along with very high helium concentrations.

“These hydrogen and helium results from Ramsay 2 are truly world-class and groundbreaking,” Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald said.

Post drill analysis of the mudgas samples and the calibrated real time mudgas log data reveal very high air-corrected hydrogen concentrations, reaching up to 86 per cent at shallow levels from 194m through to 536m in the Parara and Kulpara formations.

These measurements validate the historic results from Ramsay Oil Bore 1 in 1931 and confirm the presence of a hydrogen play at shallow depths in the Ramsay Project Area which aligns very closely with the results of Ramsay 1 in October 2023.

“The drilling of Ramsay 2 and the collection of extensive data during this program has enabled the company to not only confirm and validate the historical results but also identify multiple target zones for both hydrogen and helium,” McDonald said.

Previously reported drilling results from MDT samples revealed very high helium concentrations, reaching up to 6.8 per cent in raw gas from the Kulpara Formation.

These values would potentially make the Ramsay Project a world-class helium project if they were replicated across the tenement.

“These findings further affirm the global significance of the Ramsay project,” McDonald said.

The results noted above, although from proven and respected testing methodologies and standards, are samples only and will be advanced with further exploration, analysis and future flow testing.

Although Gold Hydrogen is early in its exploration program, the company supports the view that the Ramsay Project has the potential to become a world class natural hydrogen and helium development.

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