Queensland develop new framework for oil and gas

The QLD Government has released a new framework for onshore oil and natural gas development in the state.

Last week QLD resources and mines minister Andrew Cripps released A Framework for the Next Generation of Onshore Oil and Natural Gas, a report designed to aid the development of the state's deep gas and oil project.

“Queensland is potentially rich in deep gas and oil resources and tapping these would build on the State Government’s commitment to growing the resources sector and creating more jobs for families in the regions,” Cripps explained.

“This industry has enormous potential to increase the state’s domestic and export gas supplies, while delivering the substantial economic benefits for Queensland that come from having a secure energy supply.

“That’s why encouraging the responsible development of the emerging deep gas and oil industry is an important part of the Newman Government’s ResourcesQ 30-year vision for the resources sector.”

The ResourcesQ initiative was launched in May, and has been dubbed a "30 year vision for the [resources] sector" in Queensland.

According to Cripps existing legislation allows for the extraction of resources, however much of the actual exploration is still in the early stages, so this new framework will allow the oil and gas industry to have a smoother future expansion while remaining environmentally responsible.

“Queensland is fortunate to already have an effective, existing framework for oil and gas extraction that will also apply to deep gas and oil,” he said.

“However, this emerging industry must grow in a way that protects the environment and benefits our communities.”

The newly released framework contains 12 recommendations for the QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines, including a review of existing tenure agreements for the industry, how to improve geoscientific knowledge of deep gas and oil reserves, and on working with landholders and local communities.

Cripps added that one recommendation was focused on the development of a Cooper Basin Industry Strategy.

“The Cooper Basin already has deep gas production on the South Australian side of the border, as well as a long history of conventional oil and gas development,” he said.

“The Cooper Basin Industry Development Strategy will take a big-picture, long-term view of how all resource projects in this area can operate collaboratively in a way that’s best for the local community and economically viable,” he said.

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