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Ramsay 2 up to drill

Ramsay 2

Gold Hydrogen is currently mobilising contractors and company supervisors to the Ramsay 2 well site, with drilling operations to commence in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Ramsay 2 is sited approximately 500m west of Ramsay 1. The technical objectives of Ramsay 2 will be similar to Ramsay 1 in terms of well depth and target formations, with a target depth of approximately 1000m subject drilling conditions.

Ramsay 1 encountered natural hydrogen through the complete Para Limestone and helium in the granite basement.

Ramsay 2 has been designed to further test these zones and is expected to take between 14 and 16 days to drill, dependent on ground conditions.

Ramsay 2 will be suspended for future well testing in conjunction with Ramsay 1.

The objective of drilling within the Ramsay 1 well is to confirm the presence of hydrogen in the subsurface geologic formations. It is also to confirm geological modelling based on the exploration data obtained during the past year.

The company also noted that it is expected to receive final government approval for drilling of its optional second well, Ramsay 2. The location for drilling will be dependent on findings from Ramsay 1.

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