Strike enjoys unexpected gas discovery in Perth Basin

The Strike-Warrego joint venture has made a significant gas discovery in the Wagina sandstone in the Perth Basin as part of the West Erregulla-2 drilling campaign.

The Wagina sandstone was found to be approximately 74 metres deep in thickness and made up of sections of clean sand and the presence of hydrocarbons, with the observation made from 4106 to 4180 metres.

Strike Energy reported that the well section was finished without observing the end of the Wagina and there was potential for further Wagina sands to be encountered in the next section.

Wireline logs have been loaded into Strike’s geological model and formations tops have been correlated to nearby offset walls.

The correlation suggests that the Basal Wagina sandstone, which is the formal secondary target of the well, is yet to be encountered.

Strike’s managing director Stuart Nicholls said this was a significant discovery and came from a secondary target that carried a low pre-drill probability of success.

“It provides further confidence in Strike’s predictions of good porosity development within Permian reservoirs being possible at depths greater than that of Waitsia and to the South-East,” he said.

“With good porosity trends continuing with depths, Strike believes that it is on track to find a good quality reservoir within its primary target in the Kingia-High Cliff.”

With the primary target remaining to be drilled and potentially more Wagina to come, Nicholls said it was a “very exciting time for the company.”

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