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Strike’s South Erregulla keeps on giving

Strike Energy

Successful appraisal at South Erregulla confirms the continuity of the gas field to the Northwest, along with further successful appraisal of the potential SE CO₂ storage unit in the Jurassic Sandstone.

Strike Energy’s 100 per cent owned South Erregulla SE3 gas field encountered the Kingia Sandstone at 4,817m measured depth (MD) where a gross interval of 54m was observed.

Mud logs, logging while drilling and wireline logging tools were used to evaluate the Kingia Sandstone where cuttings have been collected.

The net pay in the Kingia is made up of two blocks of reservoir totalling 13m with an average porosity of 10.2 per cent and porosities up to 16.4 per cent.

Evaluation of the Kingia has used cut-offs consistent with Strike’s other successful Kingia wells across the Erregulla region in the North Perth Basin.

Pressure and mobility data have been collected, where reservoir pressures measured approximately 6,746 pounds per square inch absolute (PSIA).

Strike will now run, set and cement the liner before installing the production tubing string along with the well head.

SE2 and 3 will be flow tested in a campaign expected to commence in late January 2024.

The SE3 well was observed as being downdip of the SE1 discovery well and confirms the presence of gas filled conventional reservoir in the Kingia to the northwest of the field.

Wireline logging over the Jurassic Sandstone in SE3, appraising the potential CO2 storage capacity, observed a high quality 75m net reservoir, with an average porosity of 19 per cent and a maximum porosity of 29 per cent.

This supports the continuity of the potential storage reservoir to the northwest of SE1.

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