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Supagas’ role in the energy transition

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Energy Today sat down with Supagas’ Olga Lonsdale, Rob Strath and Anthony Gstalter to talk about the future of energy.

The energy landscape is forever changing and evolving, but according to Supagas, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), industrial, medical, specialty and helium gases, the changes have become more noticeable lately.

The company was represented in full force at AOG Energy, which has been bringing the entire supply chain together in Perth, Western Australia for 40 years.

According to Supagas account manager Olga Lonsdale, the energy transition was the talk of this year’s conference.

Supagas national operations manager Anthony Gstalter agreed, saying that the shift in demand across the energy and future fuels sector was a testimony to an industry committed to work toward the energy transition.

“Hydrogen seems to be the flavour of the month,” he said.

Supagas has been supplying hydrogen to major stakeholders such as one of Australia’s leading off-grid power solution distributor, Blue Diamond Machinery.

Gstalter said that Supagas and Blue Diamond Machinery were working with Toyota on a generator ahead of the Formula One Grand Prix.

“These transitional products are blowing up and hydrogen is now becoming a bit of a focal point; part of my scope and what I would like to do is highlight how important that molecule is,” he said.

AOG Energy has become the place to be when it comes to the oil and gas industry; every year, thousands of decision-makers attend the event to source the latest innovations, and establish connections with engineers, manufacturers, and specialists among others.

For Supagas specialty gases manager Rob Strath, AOG Energy is the right time and place to connect and exchange with like-minded industry professionals.

“Being here is being able to provide the best solutions to our customers, it’s also about succeeding in growing the business and getting some really great sales as well.”

Gstalter agreed, saying that Supagas’ attendance at AOG Energy was all about helping to support and identify any needs the company’s clients would require “out of the bulk requirement”.

“There’s a lot of linkages between what we do, and explaining how Supagas works, having conversations about attendees at the conference is why we’re here,” he said.

“I think it’s been very fruitful so far.”

Strath said that Supagas was at AOG Energy because it was also an opportunity to connect with a “younger clientele”, as well as mingling with “people on the same wavelength”.

“We’re here as a supplier, but also as a client,” he said.

“We get the best of both worlds.”

Gstalter said the premier industry event was an “energy exchange.”

“There are so many different pathways to energy; you’re looking at conventional solutions versus the emerging ones, he said.

“A lot of those emerging technologies, whether it be wind, sail, solar, they all come under that same banner.”

For more information, visit the Supagas website.

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