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Tamarama-3 hits gas

Drilling operations have indicated the presence of gas saturated Permian Toolachee and Patchawarra formations at the Tamarama-3 well.

The petrophysical evaluation indicates the well has a combined net pay of 58.9 m true vertical thickness (TVT), being 11.6 m of net sandstone gas pay (from a gross 41 m TVT) in the Toolachee Formation, and 47.3 m of net sandstone gas pay (from gross 130.5 m TVT) in the Patchawarra Formation.

The well has now been cased and cemented to the total depth of 2,634 metres and suspended for fracture stimulation.

“The net pay encountered in both Tamarama-2 and now Tamarama-3… reinforces our view that the Wendorah Gas Field holds considerable unlocked value that we are only just starting to tap,”? said Real Energy Managing Director Scott Brown.

ATP 927P is 100 per cent owned by Real Energy.

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