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Dropped tool incidents are a serious problem that require a serious response. Every workday, on average 16 workers* at a jobsite in Australia are seriously injured by dropped objects.

Often these injuries can be fatal, debilitating or extremely expensive to manage, forever changing the lives of not just the person injured, but their family and co-workers too.

At GRIPPS, we know from first-hand experience working in the oil and gas industry that the current regime of drop protection measures don’t provide the kind of protection employees need to feel certain about their safety. Debris netting, kickboards and guardrails do increase site safety, but they leave too much to chance, only stopping dropped tools after they’ve already become a hazard.

We knew that risk elimination was better than mitigation. To make sites truly safe, we developed some of the most advanced tool tethering systems on the market, stopping tools from dropping all together. But even that isn’t enough by itself.

Simply purchasing and supplying tool tethering equipment for workers operating at height does not guarantee that gear would be used and corresponding safety procedures actually implemented. It takes a combination of enforcing the policy on site, understanding of the reasoning behind the safety policy amongst the workforce at a grassroots level, and the teaching of best practices in using the gear, to be a truly effective solution.

To that end, we’ve developed Target: Zero Drops. A revolutionary program, Target: Zero Drops takes a comprehensive approach to eliminating dropped tool incidents on worksites. Over five modules, you and your workforce will be thoroughly educated on the hazards on your site and the danger that dropped tools can pose.

After you’re aware of the need for change, we help you implement it, using experienced experts to deliver certified training programs while providing you with the communication tools needed to make these lessons stick. Afterwards, we’ll review how your business has transformed, measuring the impact of the Target: Zero Drops program and helping you develop your next safety goal.

Take the first step towards building a safer workplace by learning what Target: Zero Drops can do for you.


In Module 1, GRIPPS helps you understand where you currently are in relation to industry best practices for dropped tools. Our experienced team of assessors will travel to your jobsite and observe your team at work, conducting a complete audit and review of your business’ existing dropped tool safety processes and systems.

Upon completion of the auditing process, we’ll provide you with a detailed but easy to understand report that clearly identifies tool-height safety hazards on site, while providing a thorough assessment of risks within your current safety systems and protocols.


Once we’ve identified the problem, it’s time to start building the solution. At the heart of Module 2 is our dropped object awareness session, an engaging demonstration that communicates the how, what & why of tool tethering in language that can be easily understood.

It’s hard to get your staff fired up about safety when they only have dry statistics and dull incident tables to go from. At GRIPPS, we understand that making an emotional connection between your workers and the reality of dropped tool dangers is just as important as helping them intellectually understand the risk.

To that end, GRIPPS offers our Target: Zero Drops partners the chance to learn from the stories and experience of dropped object victims through a keynote delivered onsite at your workplace. If you’re struggling to get your team to understand the seriousness of dropped tool safety, let Target: Zero Drops ambassador Paul Weatherson help get the message across.

Additionally, we can show exactly what a dropped tool can do. As part of our awareness session, we can conduct a live demonstration of a dropped object incident, breaking it down into its component parts to help your team not just understand the risks but identify the potential causes ahead of time to help them avoid tragedy .


Your team has the drive to solve the problem, now give them the tools and the knowledge needed to get it done. Our range of dropped tool prevention equipment delivers class-leading safety and durability in a convenient and easy to use package, helping to eliminate – not just mitigate – the risk of injury from dropped tools. But to achieve that outcome, your team needs to understand how our equipment work and how to fit it properly.

Using our certified trainers, GRIPPS will give your team a comprehensive education on how best to make use of our range. Tailored for your organisation’s unique goals, requirements and industry, our training courses give you an in-depth understanding of how, where and when to utilise each piece of drop protection equipment relevant to your industry and specific application.

Training is tailored for delivery to all personnel including workers and management.
This ensures that not only do employees required to work at height fully understand how to use the GRIPPS range, staff around them know how to spot improperly fitted or applied equipment.


Building a habit doesn’t happen in an afternoon and changing a corporate culture takes longer than a week. That’s why GRIPPS delivers ongoing and regular engagement and messaging through the Communication module.

Eye-catching and tightly focused on the risks around dropped tools, our educational materials provide the ongoing reminders your team needs to stay safe, building tethering into their daily workflows. All of these materials can be personalised and branded as required, ensuring that your brand voice is reflected throughout the training process.


Safety isn’t just something you can set and forget. Onboarding new hires and giving them proper instruction in dropped tool prevention is only part of the equation. Site safety managers also have to concern themselves with ensuring that in the months and years after the successful roll out of a dropped tool prevention system that standards are met in just the same way as they were in the first week.

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