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The use and supply of hydrogen gas

Hydrogen is the go-to resource when it comes to providing a clean energy solution and environmentally friendly option.

Supagas National Specialty Gases Manager George Elhlou sat down with Energy Today to discuss how hydrogen is paving the way in the market and can be used in a wide range of applications.

“Hydrogen gas is versatile in nature, a sustainable resource used by numerous industries for various applications such as a source of fuel, a chemical for feedstock, energy storage, transportation, power generation and much more,” Elhlou said.

According to him, the outlook of sustainability and the environmental impacts of hydrogen gas in the Australian market is of essence.

“As a source of fuel, hydrogen gas can be burnt with minimal to no hazardous emissions being released into the atmosphere,” he said.

It is also used for scientific instrumentation and motor vehicles such as fuel cells used in electric cars.

According to Elhlou, the exploration with electric vehicles will see zero emissions generated, thereby reducing a vehicles carbon footprint.

A hydrogen-powered car engine.
A hydrogen-powered car engine.

“Hydrogen is important in the storage and transportation of power to energy systems, for example, if excess electricity is generated from solar or wind,” he said.

Effectively, hydrogen can be stored, transported, or even reconverted into electricity, providing both reliability and flexibility as an effective energy solution.

In large facilities such as power plants, generators are often cooled with hydrogen since the gas does possess high thermal conductivity.

Hydrogen is truly part of a various range of industries, such as the food one, as it is used in the process of hydrogenation for unsaturated fatty acids in animal and vegetable oils, producing solid fats for margarine and other food products.

Elhlou said the outlook for hydrogen gas is expanding with a closer look towards energy sources which are sustainable, providing a great level of reliability and flexibility with various uses.

“A new concept which has emerged recently is the mention of green hydrogen,” he said.

“Discussions in the field see hydrogen as a source with great ability to assist with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as a highly positive environmental alternative, therefore, hydrogen is considered to be playing a crucial role in the future of sustainable energy.”

The nature of hydrogen gas can assist to store, transport, and convert an over excess of energy into much needed electricity to power facilities and homes.

Elhlou said hydrogen gas is used across various industries for multiple applications all around the globe.

“Hydrogen gas is a resource,” he said. “Which can provide a clean energy solution and environmentally friendly option.”

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