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Vali and Odin back on track

NOPSEMA Woodside

Vintage Energy has announced that Vali and Odin are back online following scheduled shutdown for both wells.

Production has resumed ahead of schedule for Vali and Odin at a combined rate in excess of 7 Million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd).

Vintage is a 50 per cent interest-holder and operator of the ATP 2021 and PRL 211 joint ventures – in which Metgasco and Bridgeport are respectively 25 per cent interest-holders.

The company said the contractor engaged to conduct operations at Vali-2 from early November has advised of rescheduling due to availability of equipment and crew which means commencement is now most likely to occur from end-November.

Production from Vali and Odin has resumed from the third-party downstream outage disclosed in the previous operations update of 17 October.

The outage, which necessitated shut-in of Odin-1 from 13 October and Vali-1 from 15 October, concluded ahead of schedule and production from both fields recommenced on 27 October.

Within the shut-in period, there were some days when the fields were temporarily online and this, together with the early resumption, means Vali and Odin were shut-in for approximately one week less than anticipated.

Both Vali-1 and Odin-1 restarted strongly without assistance following the shut-in and restarted with total raw gas production exceeding 7 MMscfd.

At present, no further outages are scheduled by the downstream operator for the current quarter.

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