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VIC energy safety legislation updated

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The Victorian Government has altered Energy Safe Victoria’s powers, allowing for greater energy safety for Victorians.

Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio also announced new obligations on energy companies and increased penalties are now in effect following changes to energy safety legislation last year.

The amendments apply to the Electricity Safety Act 1998, Gas Safety Act 1997 and Pipelines Act 200.

Major energy companies who breach general duties now face significantly larger penalties of up to $1.66 million, while those found guilty of non-compliance with accepted Electricity Safety Management Schemes, Bushfire Mitigation Plans, and Gas Safety Cases can face fines of up to $1.11 million.

An owner or operator of electrical installations, such as renewable energy generators including solar and wind farms and big batteries, will now also have duties and obligations in line with other major electricity companies.

“We are leading the renewable energy transition here in Victoria when it comes to generation, transmission, and emissions reduction – and we’re ensuring we get there safely for communities and workers,” D’Ambrosio said.

Energy Safe Victoria does an excellent job regulating the industry – so we’ve strengthened its powers, so it has the right tools for the job to continue its great work.”

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