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Vintage to suppress Vali-2 fluid production

Vintage Vali-2 production

Vintage Energy has announced that a remedial plan to establish production from the Vali-2 gas well has been agreed by the joint venture.

Interpretation of the data identified the two lowermost perforated zones in the Patchawarra Formation to be the predominant contributors of the well’s excess fluid production.

The fluid produced is sufficient to suppress gas flow from the upper sands in the Patchawarra Formation and prevent establishment of gas production from the well.

This situation can be remedied effectively and inexpensively by placing a plug above the lower Patchawarra Formation perforations allowing the upper, predominantly gas producing, zones to produce unimpeded.

Operations to insert the plug are expected to commence by early November 2023 and take approximately three days to complete.

Commencement of gas production from Vali-2 is to be addressed following completion of the action.

The joint venture, which is also composed of Metgasco and Bridgeport, is reviewing stimulation programs to ensure future execution does not access potentially water bearing sands beyond those targeted as gas pay.

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