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Vintage’s Vali-2 up and going

Vintage Vali-2 production

The company has announced that following execution of the plugging operations, the well was brought online, but has still to demonstrate improved gas flow.

Vintage Energy, who is 50 per cent interest-holder and operator of the ATP 2021 Joint Venture, has announced that a wireline conveyed plug was run to isolate the lower Patchawarra Formation.

This happened after logging indicated these sands were the major contributor to excess fluid production which had impeded gas flow from the well.

As a result, Vali-2 was brought online on 7 December.

From 8 December to 11 December, operations have been directed to establishing sustainable stable gas production.

In the morning of 13 December, Vali-2 had has reportedly maintained stable gas flow for 42 hours.

However, the well has yet to demonstrate improved gas flow, with raw gas flow rates of approximately 0.2 Million standard cubic feet per day (MMscf/d1) .

Fluid production has been reduced by over 50 per cent from that recorded prior to the plugging operation.

Fluid flow has been relatively stable over the 42-hour period at approximately 100 barrels per day, a rate within facility management capabilities.

It is intended to continue to flow Vali-2 for the foreseeable future to assess and analyse flow rates and sources.

At this stage, there is insufficient data to make projections about future performance trends from the well, including the question of whether the flow rates observed to date are the early stages of well clean up.

The well has the capability to produce from the shallower Toolachee Formation through opening of a sliding sleeve at a future juncture.

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