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WA electricity legislation introduced

South Erregulla appraisal

The Electricity Industry Amendment Bill 2023 has been introduced, which will provide a “future-focused” regulatory framework.

Amendments will be made to support the uptake of new technologies, such as rooftop solar and battery storage, to support the state’s commitment to net zero by 2050.

The bill also introduces a State Electricity Objective, which will have decision makers consider the environment, emissions, price and reliability for energy consumers.

It amends the Electricity Industry Act 2004 to provide clarity and consolidates the rules and codes into one – the Electricity System and Market Rules.

It will also enable new technologies to support and participate in the power system.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston said the new legislation is a milestone in modernising the electricity industry.

“The amendments are the next step to modernising governance arrangements, to keep pace with an electricity industry, that is accelerating towards a low-emissions future,” Minister Johnston said.

“A new electricity objective will empower decision-makers to consider the energy trilemma –  sustainability, reliability and affordability, ensuring that decisions are made for the long-term interest of all Western Australians.

“The amendments will future-proof the existing governance framework, by providing provisions to better manage and incorporate rooftop solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles.”

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